Update Monday 4-29-19: Most of the audio and much of the video recordings of the conference have beeen posted on restoration archives. Denver has made his paper on Civilization available on his site. Transcripts of the talk and the Q&A should be available in the coming weeks. The audio of the Adolpho’s presentation is also on the archives.

This page is dedicated to you. We hope at least some of you will be willing to share your conference memories for future generations here. We are hoping for your thoughts on the conference experience itself, focusing on the content of the material presented and how it helped you. There is a separate page for feedback on conference logistics.

We are hoping to hear what you gained, learned, or how you grew. We hope you’ll share your perceptions of how coming together with other like-minded believers helped you gain a better understanding of what the Lord is trying accomplish in this dispensation. We also hope to post photos here.

God bless and thank you for helping make this conference a success.


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Thanks, ever-so-much to all that helped with this Conference. Even though I wasn’t able to be there in person, we ALL benefit, and I have heard great things from those who were able to attend the break-outs in person yesterday.

    Marcia Hill


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