Update Monday 4-29-19: Most of the audio and much of the video recordings of the conference have beeen posted on restoration archives. Denver has made his paper on Civilization available on his site. Transcripts of the talk and the Q&A should be available in the coming weeks. The audio of the Adolpho’s presentation is also on the archives.

The conference organizing committee thanks you for visiting the conference site and, for those that were able, attending the conference in person. We hope your stay with us during these three days has blessed your life and helped you on your spiritual journey. We are very interested in receiving feedback on your perception of the conference. We are also looking for suggestions for future conferences – themes, locations and logistics.

Please tell us what you liked or disliked about this conference, especially as it relates to getting you the information you needed to make decisions and plan your activities during the conference. Did the RSVP signup process work or not? How about the food? The lodging? The location? Did the logistics of the breakout workshops work for you? Did the workshop facilitators do a good job? What other topics would you suggest?

Note: There is a separate page for sharing memories on the conference experience itself, focusing on the content of the material presented and how it helped you. We are hoping to hear what you gained, learned, or how you grew. On that page we hope you’ll share your perceptions of how coming together with other like-minded believers helped you gain a better understanding of what the Lord is trying accomplish in this dispensation.


5 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. The talks were great, so were the breakout sessions. We loved the mountains. The problems we encountered were because of our age and disabilities. We were unable to go up and down the stairs so we missed some breakout sessions. And we ended up not staying at the camp because of medical needs for a separate bathroom.
    We really loved our experience and hope to attend another conference.
    Thank you.


  2. I liked the breakout sessions. I liked the fact they were discussions instead of one person standing there talking all the time.

    I like the fact that it was possible to stay in the same place where the conference was being held even though I needed more privacy than that offered, so I stayed up the road a little.

    I wish the lunches at the camp had been an hour long instead of half an hour.

    I would have preferred an early morning hike or sunrise service to be closer and easier to get to.

    I would have liked a little more free time to visit with others or to have spontaneous Sacrament meetings like we have done at some other conferences and lectures.

    Please tell those who worked at the camp that we really really appreciate them making the meals and serving us. They served without complaint and I’m sure it was not easy.

    Also, I can’t find the Adolfos’ talk on the restoration archives. Was their talk recorded? I had to leave before it because I did not have a place to stay Sunday night and I was dependent on others to get me home, and they needed to leave after Denver’s talk.

    I really liked the lecture about the Passover and that we could make our own little Passover meal if we wanted to. And Leroy’s poem was awesome!

    Thank you so much for putting together this conference. I haven’t felt that connected since the lectures ended.



  3. We really enjoyed having breakouts. We agree with Toni. Breakouts were much better than having a couple of people speak.

    We thought the child and youth activities were awesome. Our daughter (17 years old) said that the activities conmected her with others like no time before.

    We want to thank the fellowships who put it all together and did all the work. It seemed like their working out of all the logistics was amazing.

    Jon and Tina Saunders


  4. The presentation on the Passover was excellent. Our community held a Passover Meal a few years ago, but the presentation on Friday night gave me a better understanding of the meaning behind what is done.

    Overall the spirit of the conference was filled with love and light. The breakout sessions were a wonderful experience mostly because we were able to connect in smaller groups as we discussed aspects of the Gospel. The intimacy of meeting in smaller groups helped me to get to know others, and even for us to support one another in a meaningful way.

    I participated in the flash choir. Again it was an opportunity to connect through song. I like how Merilee Web conducted the singing to include everyone present.

    To be together on Easter Sunday, partake of the sacrament together, and be taught from on high made for a very Spirit filled day.

    Thank you for creating an environment where the Spirit could be present; where we could interact (there were some there that have no community in their area), and know one another; where growth and love could be fostered.

    Blessing to you,
    Christina Saunders


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