Conference RSVP

The is the RSVP page for the Spring 2019 Conference to be held 20-21 April 2019 in CedarEdge, Colorado (Saturday 20 April) and Grand Junction, Colorado (Sunday 21 April).

This is for the Saturday and Sunday sessions. There is a separate RSVP page for the Friday night Passover event. Please RSVP for both if you intend to participate in both.

This is a general RSVP form to get a rough count of estimated attendance.  Please note this does not address lodging arrangements at the camp. Those are made separately.

If you plan to stay at the camp and eat meals there, you have one more step to complete. To finalize lodging arrangements, please email:

Kari will want to know which of the meetings you will be attending and lodging details:

1. The Sunday meeting in Grand Junction, CO.
2. The Passover meal on Friday at Camp Cedaredge.
3. The Saturday Activities at Camp Cedaredge.
4. If you need lodging at the Camp. There are still rooms available in the Dorm, RV, and Tent spaces.
5. If you will be staying off-site AND will attend camp activities and would like to join the group for meals.
6. If you will be staying off-site AND will attend camp activities but DO NOT want to join the group for meals. You will go into town to get your meals. Or if you have special diet requirements and need to work something out.

In your email to Kari, please provide the ages of the children so we can provide enough childcare while adults are attending activities. We want the kids to have fun too.

Note: there is no automatic email response to this process. A confirmation email is usually sent by the end of the day after the spreadsheet has been updated. Thanks.

Please don’t forget to send an email to Kari at to finalize your arrangements for lodging and meals. Thank you for your RSVP.