Live Video Feed for Conference

We share a few items for the upcoming conference with the intent to inform attendees of details for each event. We hope you will take a moment to read these answers to questions.

Update Monday 4-29-19: Most of the audio and much of the video recordings of the conference have beeen posted on restoration archives. Denver has made his paper on Civilization available on his site. Transcripts of the talk and the Q&A should be available in the coming weeks. The audio of the Adolpho’s presentation is also on the archives.

The enthusiasm is building for the upcoming conference to be held 19-21 April 2019 in the Grand Junction Colorado area. We received notice that the live video feed has been setup for the Sunday session, starting at 9am Mountain time. Those who are unable to attend in person will be able to watch and participate in the proceedings via modern technology. We are grateful to those who have made these arrangements and shared them with us. Click on the image below to launch the live video feed.


Dress Warmly

General reminder about the climate – dress warmly. Some activities will be outside so bring sunscreen, sweaters and jackets. It’s Colorado, after all, and can get chilly. Here is a link to the ten-day forecast. As of this writing, it looks like a possibility of rain or snow that weekend. The majority of the breakout sessions on Saturday are inside as is the Friday evening Passover event and of course, the Sunday session in Grand Junction.

Some Passover Details

Please be sure to bring grape juice if desired – lots of it. Wine will be provided. Don’t plan on buying grape juice in Colorado, bring it from home. We invite you to come spiritually hungry but not physically ravenous. Remember, it’s an hour or ninety minutes until the actual meal. There will be a presentation / teaching first. Please dress nicely for Passover. Its a scared event and holy day to many. Not Sunday church dress, just nice for good company type dress.

Saturday Breakout Sessions

We invite you to bring your own camp chairs if possible. We know not everyone can but if those who can just carry their own camp chair session to session, it will help a lot with the chaos. Most breakouts will be indoors, maybe 30% outdoors. Also a reminder to read the referenced material in advance to help build the spiritual prep. Each session is an hour to an hour and 20 minutes. Please choose four out of the 32 that are available.

The organizers have shared a Google Sheets view-only document that might be helpful to see at a glance each of the four time-slots and the twelve locations on one page. Or, if you prefer, here is a page that lists the same information with the twelve locations on the left side as rows with the four time slots as vertical columns. We hope it’s not too confusing. The breakout sessions are a major part of this conference. We pray they will be a success.

Master Schedule Page

We have created a Master Schedule Page – All three days on one page – so you will be able to see it all at a glance. A handout packet is also planned for attendees. For those who have confirmed lodging, look for one or two emails directly from the lodging coordinator before the conference. Reminder: Bring your own bedding. We have finalized the details on the sunrise hikes. We are planning one each morning on Saturday and Sunday.

Conference Business

We have setup a page for conference business We were pleased to read the Lord has accepted the work of the scripture committee as sufficient for the labor now underway. The text of the revelation has been formatted with the intention of presenting it during the upcoming conference for a vote to add it to the body of scriptures. A PDF of this text can be downloaded here. At least one other will also be submitted for a conference vote. Denver has commented on the completion of the scripture restoration process here.

The Camp is Full

Update 4-12-19: The lodging reservations at the camp are completely filled up. Attendees are still welcome to come to the conference, but will need to find lodging elsewhere. The Passover and other meals are also completely booked. If you do not already have an RSVP for meals from the camp, be sure to make arrangements to bring your own meals that can be consumed outside the dining hall as no outside food is allowed in the hall.

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