Conference Update on Lodging

Update 3-14-19: We are getting closer to the conference and are very excited about the number of people who have signed up to attend.

Conference Update

Western Colorado / Grand Mesa Area

Fri-Sat-Sun | 19-21 April 2019

Update Monday 4-29-19: Most of the audio and much of the video recordings of the conference have beeen posted on restoration archives. Denver has made his paper on Civilization available on his site. Transcripts of the talk and the Q&A should be available in the coming weeks. The audio of the Adolpho’s presentation is also on the archives.

Update 4-16-19: For those who have asked the organizing committee to make lodging reservations on your behalf and then have had to cancel for some reason, please note that we cannot process refunds at this time. We still need to pay for the reservations even if they are not used. We hope to revisit this issue as soon as the conference has concluded and an accounting has been made of all income and expenses. Thank you.

Update 4-12-19: The lodging reservations at the camp are completely filled up. Attendees are still welcome to come to the conference, but will need to find lodging elsewhere. The Passover and other meals are also completely booked.  If you do not already have an RSVP for meals from the camp, be sure to make arrangements to bring your own meals that can be consumed outside the dining hall as no outside food is allowed in the hall. 

Update 3-14-19: We are getting closer to the conference and are very excited about the number of people who have signed up to attend. If you have already submitted an RSVP, you should have received a general confirmation email and a follow-up email from Kari who is heading up the details for the lodging and meals. If not, please contact her at: to make those final arrangements. From Kari:

We would like to accommodate everyone that would like to come, even those that come at the last minute. If you do come last minute, please be aware that you will need to get lodging in town. You will also need to provide your own meals. There are many places in town or you can bring something, but you need to eat it out at the picnic tables with the others that bring their own food because of dietary restrictions.

The camp is not allowing outside food in the dining hall and there is nowhere to cook a meal so plan accordingly. Thanks for understanding and we are glad you are able to come. Update 3-25-19: If you elect to stay in the dorms and have a confirmed and paid RSVP, please remember to bring your own bedding.


We are a fellowship located in the Cedaredge, CO and extended area. We are paying for several venues and will be providing several meals.

We ask that if you feel prompted to contribute to the conference preparation, that you email us at

Someone from the fellowship will contact you with further details.

Any donations that exceed our needs will be used to assist those in need coming to the conference. Any leftover donations will be given to the Temple Fund.