Focus and Purpose of the Conference

Update Monday 4-29-19: Most of the audio and much of the video recordings of the conference have beeen posted on restoration archives. Denver has made his paper on Civilization available on his site. Transcripts of the talk and the Q&A should be available in the coming weeks. The audio of the Adolpho’s presentation is also on the archives.

Spring 2019 Conference

Western Colorado / Grand Mesa Area

Fri-Sat-Sun | 19-21 April 2019

The focus of this conference will be the Temple yet to be built in order to establish Zion.

Here are the main purposes of the conference:

1. To discuss the Temple and how to prepare our hearts and minds for Zion.

2. Provide space to connect with one another, see each others hearts, love one another and make connections.

3. Review “what have we been given?” Including “what have you learned?” during this restoration. Provide an opportunity to discuss the Scriptures, Joseph Smith’s teachings, and especially what is now being offered from God through Denver. (Use Resources or the Restoration Archives website materials on both Denver’s and Joseph’s words.)

Only the organization of God’s family through a temple and associated rites, results in finishing the family of God in the House of Order. …reorganizing the family of God … must occur by an ordinance in a temple to be acceptable to God.



We are a fellowship located in the Cedaredge, CO and extended area. We are paying for several venues and will be providing several meals.

We ask that if you feel prompted to contribute to the conference preparation, that you email us at

Someone from the fellowship will contact you with further details.

Any donations that exceed our needs will be used to assist those in need coming to the conference. Any leftover donations will be given to the Temple Fund.